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Elite Bulldogs is a kennel located near Kansas City, KS. We have pure bred dogs that are eager to meet you and become a part of the family. Our team has been providing dogs new homes for 3 years. Bring a new addition to your life who is always happy to be there. Give these dogs a loving environment that they deserve. We have pure bred pups that are waiting for your love. Open your hearts and home to a new companion that will add warmth, love and happiness to your life today. 

We have English Bulldogs that are active and ready to be a part of your life. They will get you moving all around the home. This is perfect for children. Our kennel also has French Bulldogs that are great family dogs as well. If your home is compact allow us to provide you with a Yorkshire terrier. These adorable, pint sized pups are great for tight spaces. Give them a home that is full of the love and care they desire. Make a big difference with purchase that lasts a lifetime. 

When it comes to pups we are the place to go to.

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